Paper Bows with WRMK Envelope Punch Board

Today I am going to show you paper bows that you can create with your Envelope Punch Board. This really help to stretch the use of your envelope punch board if you have one.


I am using one strip of paper to make the bows:
Size of paper to make a small bow: 1″ x 7″
Size of paper to make a medium bow: 1″ x 10″
Size of paper to make a large bow: 1.5″ x 10″
A small strip of 1/4″ paper to close the bow


Step 1:
On two ends of the paper, punch a notch to make the tail of the bow.

Step 2:
For the small bow, punch a notch at 1.5″ on both ends and at 3.5″.
For the medium and large bow, puncha notch at 2″ on both ends and at 5″.

Step 3:
Use a pencil to curl the paper a bit to make the bow to have a more dimension look.

Step 4:
Fold 2 ends of the tails toward the middle of the paper.

Step 5:
Invert the paper and apply adhesive at the middle.

Step 6:
Adhere both ends of the paper to the center.
20150802_140505 20150802_140536

Step 7:
Adhere the 1/4″ strip of paper to seal/close the bow.

Tada.. and now it’s done! 😉 You can make as many bows using your favourite pattern papers. 🙂